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          Project Overview > Taishan·West Lake Rongjun > Taishan·West Lake Rongjun

          Taishan·West Lake Rongjun

          Rongjun International, north of Taishan is connected to the Millennium Dragon's vein; south is near Tianping Lake, and there is a rich and powerful atmosphere

          Rongjun International, north of Taishan is connected to the Millennium Dragon's vein; south is near Tianping Lake, and there is a rich and powerful atmosphere; the east has the development axis of the era, creating the future city center; the west is surrounded by the Tunxi River, the jade belt is wrapped around the waist, and the Tibetan wind gathers gas.

          The entrance to the east of Rongjun International Community is the North Road of the stadium planned by the government. After the whole line runs through, the east can directly reach the stadium; Tianping Lake will launch the “One City, One Heart, Two Belts and Six Districts” mode, and the 5A level business hotel will be built along the coast. Leisure Mountain Resort China Taishan Everbright City International Art Resort Center.

          One city: to create a modern and livable new city in the west;

          One heart: to build a national-level tourist resort and a 5A-level tourist scenic spot that integrates tourism, vacation, entertainment, cultural industry, and recreation and recreation with Tianping Lake as the core;

          Two belts: the Tianping Lake Lakeside landscape belt, the winds on both sides of the Weihe River;

          Six districts: urban functional area, cultural and sports area, Weihe landscape area, lakeside landscape area, recreation and health area, leisure and entertainment area.

          Rongjun International is sold in three phases:

          The name of the first case: Rongjun International, which was handed over in 2012;

          The name of the second phase: Rongjun·Shanyu Lake, which was handed over in 2014;

          The name of the third phase: Taishan·Xihu Rongjun (under construction...), the house opened on June 24, 2018, and sold out in 60 minutes – selling 250 million! This time, Taishan·Xihu Rongjun Mountain Lake House, with its resource advantage at the foot of Mount Tai, and the quality of living inside and outside, once again continued to write legends, becoming the focus of the city.

          The villa project is only 16 seats, the building surface is about 280-340m2, rare and fascinating, gorgeous bloom, talented landscape water 24 hours of direct oxygen, creating an extraordinary living space.


          Taishan·West Lake Rong County slogan

          Between the mountains and rivers, the county is above the West Lake.
          Viewing the mountains and watching the world


          There is a scarcity, called the whole city to stand up;

          There is a kind of honor, called West Lake Rongjun;

          Taishan South, West Lake, Linxi Bay,

          Taishan·Xihu Rongjun’s finale is coming out!

          150 Xishan Lake House, 16 Xishan Villa, I would like to offer Taishan Family!



          Taishan·West Lake Rongjun Villa slogan

          Have a mountain garden villa, enjoy the generations of good fortune