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          Development Path

          Development Path

          February 2003
          Taian Xinsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established.
          September 2004
          The first modern integrated office building in Taicheng, “Dongsheng International Business Port” was officially opened.
          Create a profitable international mall.
          Developed a garden-style bungalow - Rongjun International.
          End of 2007
          Acquisition of Tai'an Oriental Hotel.
          2008 Year
          Shandong Haizhiyun International Trade Co., Ltd. was established.
          2012 year
          Acquisition of a US-owned company - Wei Ma (Shandong) cast iron boiler.
          May 2013
          The first phase of Shandong Xinsheng Industrial Park was successfully laid.
          July 2013
          Wei Ma (Shandong) Cast Iron Boiler Co., Ltd. changed its name to Shandong Qiantian Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
          August 2013
          Jinan Lulian Boiler Co., Ltd. joined Xinsheng Group.
          October 2013
          The second phase of Rongchuan Shanyu Lake was grandly opened.
          November 2013
          Xinsheng Group and Shengli Oilfield Shanyou Company signed an agreement to form a joint venture company to develop and produce the largest pumping unit in the world with the most pumping and energy saving.
          December 2013
          The 15,000-square-meter plant and the affiliated office building of Xinsheng Industrial Park were completed, and the plant construction entered the equipment installation stage.
          June 2018
          West Lake Rongjun House opened grandly.