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          Company Culture

          Company Culture

          Vision and Mission
          Committed to building an ecological park where people and nature, community and environment coexist harmoniously; committed to providing high-end living space and working space; committed to providing quality products and perfect solutions to meet customer needs, striving to become a regional leader, domestic first-class, A modern enterprise group with sustainable development; contributes to the development of the country, society and city with a high sense of responsibility and mission, creates value for customers, shareholders, employees and partners; makes a beneficial and respectable person Corporate citizenship.
          Corporate Purposes
          Xinsheng, a perfect life
          Corporate Philosophy
          People-oriented, pursuing excellence
          Enterprise Spirit
          Working together, working hard, pioneering and innovating, striving for first-class
          Corporate Style

          Plan carefully, focus on implementation, coordinated and orderly, fast and efficient

          Business Philosophy

          Integrity, doing things with the heart, customer first, cooperation and win-win

          Public Welfare Concept

          Dedicating love, helping the poor, helping the public, returning to the society

          handong Xinsheng Group Events
          1. In February 2003, Taian Xinsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and obtained the third-level qualification for real estate development;
              2. In September 2004, the first modern comprehensive office building in Taicheng, “Dongsheng International Business Port” was officially opened;
              3. In 2005, at the highest auction price, the commercial land of Rongdong Ludong and Taishan Street was obtained, and the “Lide Moore” International Shopping Mall was built;
              4. In 2007, the company won the bid to develop the site of the original Dahe Cotton Textile Factory and develop a garden-style bungalow – Rongjun International;
              5. At the end of 2007, the acquisition of Tai'an Oriental Hotel;
              6. In 2012, acquired 100% equity of Weimar (Shandong) Cast Iron Boiler Co., Ltd., a US-owned company;
              7. At the end of 2012, 500 mu of land was acquired in the southern part of Tai'an, which opened the prelude to the construction of Xinsheng Industrial Park;
              8. In August 2013, the acquisition of Jinan Lulian Boiler Co., Ltd.;
              9. In November 2013, an agreement was reached with the R&D team led by the Chinese Academy of Engineering to form a petroleum equipment manufacturing company.
              10. The foundation stone of Xinsheng Industrial Park in March 2013
              11. Construction and assembly workshop started construction in May 2013
              12. Completion of the processing assembly workshop at the end of 2013
              13. Trial production of 2 machining centers in April 2014
              14. Construction of the foundry started in May 2014
              15. The foundry was basically completed in January 2015.



          1. The whole pattern is red in shades of gray, including the crimson symbolizing the building material and the vermilion that symbolizes the fire, the passionate red and the golden red that symbolizes the rise of the rising sun;
          2. The company is referred to as “Xinsheng Group”. The middle X and the S that constitute the theme constitute the initials of “Xin” and “Leng”;
          3. The overall figure consists of three diamonds, similar to the orderly, stable and patchwork of the hive, forming different levels, symbolizing the harmony, order, stability and symbiosis of the group.
          4. The whole pattern outlines a residential unit, reflecting our main business; the three architectural borders constitute a “goods”, which symbolizes the quality of the building, creates quality products, and reflects the pursuit of character;
          5. The pattern of the "pin" shape is added below the deformation font of Xinsheng Group, which is shaped like a burning torch.
          6. The red pattern and the black text form a classic "red and black combination".

           Xin Sheng

          Xin, the world is "hin".
          - "Historical Records ? Music Book." Note: "Xin, hi also."
          Ascend, the one who gathers is called "up".
          - "Easy and Preface". Note: "Letter, Deng also."
          Xinsheng, harmonious development, hope symbol;
          Xinsheng, energy, and excellence;
          Heaven and earth are happy, and the gathering is rising!