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          Group profile

          Group profile

          Shandong Xinsheng Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale group company integrating real estate development/sales, building materials, property management, international trade, physical industry and finance. The Group has jurisdiction over Shandong Xinsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shandong Qiantian Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Taian Luniu Trading Co., Ltd., Taian Liede Moore Trading Co., Ltd., and Taian Baolishi Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. And Dongsheng International Business Port and other assets, the group's total assets of more than 1.2 billion. The Group's business mainly includes four major business segments: investment, real estate development, international and domestic trade, and manufacturing. In recent years, the annual output value of the company has reached more than 700 million yuan, and it has an important place in the comprehensive strength list of enterprises in Tai'an. The group is headquartered in Dongsheng International Business Port, No. 435 Dongyue Street, Tai'an City. The functional management department includes office, personnel administration department, finance department, project development department, engineering management department, marketing department, property management department and physical industry division, and financial business. unit.

          Xinsheng Group was founded in February 2003 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan and obtained the third-class qualification for real estate development. With the continuous development of the company, the company has gathered a wide range of industry experts and professional managers in real estate development, management, commercial operations, investment and financing, and physical industry operations. Over the years, the company has always adhered to the corporate tenet of “Xinsheng, Achieving Perfect Life” and the development concept of “pursuing excellence and striving for first-class”, and adhered to the diversified, professional and branded development path, and successively built Dongsheng International Business Port. Classic high-end quality projects such as Lidmore International Mall and Rongjun International Upscale Community have acquired Taian Dongfang Hotel and Shandong Qiantian Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and have taken solid steps in the financial sector.

          Dongsheng International Business Port: Located in Dongyue Street, close to the City Hall Square, a model of high-end office buildings in Taicheng. It has built a development platform for many well-known enterprises in Tai'an to meet the needs of large enterprises to enter the city center business district, enhance the modern image of Tai'an city, and provide high-end for the office of finance, international business and real estate industry. Hardware support has effectively promoted the pace of urban economic development.

          Lidmore International Mall: Located in the central business district of Taishan Street, it is a representative of high-rise residential buildings, indoor commercial pedestrian streets, high-end office buildings and hotel-style apartments. It is a representative of urban comprehensive commercial real estate. The International City of Lee Moore has provided employment opportunities for nearly a thousand people, with an annual tax of more than 3 million yuan.

          Rongjun International Community: Located at the foot of Mount Tai, surrounded by the Tianping Lake and surrounded by the Tunxi River, it is the only capital of the city that is surrounded by mountains and waters, lakes and mountains, and complements each other. The European and American styles are perfectly blended with the scenery of Mount Tai, “only, no more "The luxury home."

          Rongjun International Community plans to build 50 buildings and 1,100 households; the second phase of development has been completed, and the third phase will start construction in the spring of 2013.

          Dongfang Hotel: Located in front of Tianwai Village, Taishan Mountain Gate, it is the highest hotel in Taicheng. Looking north at Taishan Mountain, overlooking Taicheng. At present, Xinsheng Group intends to invest 200 million yuan to transform the renovation of Dongfang Hotel into a four-star foreign-related hotel. It is expected to be put into operation in October 2013.

          Shandong Qiantian Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.: It is a wholly-owned company of the former US Weil-McLain company in China. In 2012, it was wholly-owned by Xinsheng Group.

          Shandong Qiantian Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of US$24.245 million, equivalent to RMB 173 million and more than 140 employees. The company has strong strength, advanced product technology and broad market prospects. The company's products are unique in China, safe and efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The product quality has reached the world's advanced level and is in the leading position in the industry in China. Maeda series products have been widely used in various industries and households in residential areas, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, etc., and exported to Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia and other international markets.

          Vision and Mission: Xinsheng Group will focus on building an ecological park where people and nature, community and environment are harmoniously co-existing; committed to providing high-end living and working spaces; and committed to providing quality products and perfect solutions to meet customer needs. Strive to become a leading regional, domestic first-class, sustainable and modern enterprise group; with a high sense of responsibility and mission, make more contributions to the development of the country, society and cities, and create more for customers, shareholders, employees and partners. Great value; be a good and respected corporate citizen of humanity.

          The history of the growth of Xinsheng Group is also a history of responsibility for people's livelihood and giving back to the society. In the past ten years, Xinsheng Group Company has actively undertaken social responsibilities and made unremitting efforts to promote social harmony and progress and win-win development. It has sponsored and donated more than RMB 30 million in charity, public welfare, student aid and disaster relief.